Team Coaching

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What is Team Coaching?

The ever changing workplace with diverse teams means that it is increasingly important for team members to reflect on how they work and develop together to meet the evolving needs of their Organisation.

Team Coaching creates the space and the environment for the team to understand what is really going on for them at an individual and team level. It can help further understanding of relationships both within the team and the external environment along with coaching the team on its purpose. It is a learning rather than a training experience, helping the team to think differently, reflect on what is working well and where there are biases or areas of working together that could be strengthened.

Team Coaching can work on helping to improve levels of trust and openness which has been shown to have a positive impact on:

• Understanding and Insight with stronger collaboration and relationships
• Levels of Performance and Engagement
• Leadership Decisions through greater creativity and innovation

Is Team Coaching for your Team?

As team coaching centres on the psychological and emotional aspects as well as the business related requirements of the team it will be important for the team to be:

• willing to share information regarding their individual strengths and development areas with other members of the team
• open to really listening to all members of the team
• aware, and support, the safe boundaries of the experience, including confidentiality and empathy for vulnerabilities
• open to the Coaches’ calls for reflection and offers of challenge as the experience unfolds

Team coaching puts the existing practices within the team under scrutiny and can be challenging to the status quo and the team leadership

How does it work?

Our framework in its simplest format is:

We recognise that one size does not fit all and every team is different, with many variables, such as the stage of the team life cycle, shifting agendas, dynamics and organisational context. Our approach therefore is to create a bespoke experience based around the following steps:

Step 1: Your Coaches meet with the Chief Executive/HR Director/Team Leader to gain an understanding of the context; including, maturity of the team, its history, Leader expectations, what’s creating this need and the outcomes you are looking for. This helps us to determine whether Team Coaching is the most appropriate intervention.

Step 2: Scoping out and agreeing process and content, including determining most relevant diagnostic tools.

Step 3: Communication and engagement of the team’s involvement and requirements.

Step 4: Each individual team member completes agreed diagnostic questionnaires. Each will receive an individual feedback session before the team come together.

Questionnaire Options could include:
• Psychometric Occupational Personality or Strengths Focused Questionnaire
• Team Climate Questionnaire
• Response to Change Questionnaire

Step 5: Facilitated Team Coaching – depending on scoping of requirements, options could include:

• Observation of a team meeting in action to provide real time observations on behaviours – data that can then be fed into and used during the team coaching event
• A one-off event where the team are encouraged to explore and discuss their individual and collective strengths, potential blind spots, to create a shared understanding, and provide an opportunity where feelings, attitudes, viewpoints and assumptions can be considered and processed.
• Follow up session(s) after either of the above to keep the team on track

Team Coaching is led by:

Dawn Beadle (MCIPD MSc)
Sandhill Coaching and Consulting
Tel: 07710850486

Team Coaching Framework

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